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M250, the only light mini crane for interior. 5 W of BG Lift Le 5 W di BG Lift

In a market with ever buzz increasing it is right trying to do a little bit of order. We have seen how the compact crane can be used to solve complex lifting problems. But, in front of the most suitable crane’s choice, one model worths the other? Although produced by the same company, each of the light mini crane plated BG Lift are born from an idea that makes the machine in question unique. Safety, compactness, ductility. Each cranes marketed excels in its field and to find out what we rely on an almost journalistic system analyzing what, who, where, when, how and the why of every BG Lift crane. Let’s go down in detail and discover today the 5 W of M250 model, our light mini crane for interior.

Let’s start with What. The light mini crane M250 has unique features that make it exceptionally suitable for interventions in confined spaces: extremely compact dimensions for excellent operations in the most confined indoor areas , max width only 780mm to allow accessibility through a common door. What could you ask more from a crane for internal use?

With a hydraulic jib with 195° opening and the extending system placed inside the booms, it is not difficult to imagine Where you can operate with this crane. Every detail has been designed to operate in the most complex areas, such as under a span of a shed, in maintenance work of a travelling cranes, positioning doors and panels in very narrow spaces.

When it could be used? The M250 is a light mini crane for interior, designed to excel in weight and ductility:

Max machine weight with jib, electric motor and winch is less than 2650Kg in order to ensure the transportability on the trailer (load + trailer max 3500 Kg) for those countries where it is permitted (eg. Switzerland, Germany, etc.);
Double motorization, Diesel and electric to satisfy all needs: in electric mode is a 2,2Kw motor equipped with inverter, which allows you to use a normal meter (220V) located in any home.

Every listed detail explains Why this crane is the perfect solution for lifting problems in narrow spaces. It is not the only existing, but it is absolutely the only one of its kind. Where every other cranes would find an obstacle, this model is able to overcome it and work without any problem. There is no space or land on which the M250 can’t operate, thanks also to the geometry of its articulated booms, which allows the use of the crane in complicated spaces.

How it can be adapted to variable working areas? Thanks to a patented stability control system and the help of the electronic system, the machine automatically sets the maximum lifting performance according to the different position of the stabilizers. All user-defined. This system results in maximum performance with maximum security, extremly simple for any operator.

A mini light crane like this comes to Who needs a new and immediate response to daily problems. In addition to low weight, this machine has the ability to close the jib under the main boom with the winch’s rope armed: this feature is critical for all customers careful to time savings. Thanks to this possible solution, are canceled dead times necessary to equip the machine or to make operative the winch on the jib. The M250 is immediately ready to use.

Could be this your simple answer to complex lifting problems? Find out more details by downloading for free the technical details of M250 model, the only light mini crane for interior.