BG LIFT, the best lifting solutions for many sectors

The number of applications for these products is growing. All of the compact crawler cranes in the BG LIFT range reach and operate with great agility in confined spaces, even impossibly tight ones, with millimetric movements and infinite configurations of the outriggers.

Compact crawler cranes can often move in height and operate on terraces, balconies and other extreme situations.
Radio-controlled and also equipped with an electric motor, they fully respond to the needs and requests of the operators.

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The infinite configurations
offer the best to your professional jobs

Window Handling

Compact crawler cranes equipped with suction cups can handle panes and non-porous materials even in confined spaces, guaranteeing the precise installation of glass-facades on buildings.

BG LIFT cranes can be lifted to great heights with elevators or tower cranes and crane trucks, to then be used in full observance of safety regulations and with the maximum precision thanks to the radio control and the various technologies featured.

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Industrial handling

BG LIFT cranes guarantee maximum safety and operation when lifting materials for renovations or moving machinery/goods indoors.

The Pick & Carry system of some models in the range perform extremely agile and precise movements and lifting, ideal for industrial handling.

Large and medium capacity BG LIFT cranes, thanks to the use of the telescopic hydraulic jib with broad operating angles, can reach unthinkable places, getting around obstacles and architectural barriers.

And it can do much more: the geometry of the crossed beams develops the full force for heavy and large loads, working right up against them.

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Residential Construction

The compact size and manoeuvrability of BG LIFT cranes enable operators to work outside and inside residences and homes, guaranteeing the option of entering and exiting the tightest accessways. The electric motor helps the machines to move in indoor spaces without compromising performance whatsoever.

With outdoor construction, on the other hand, the use of the telescopic jib is strategic as it offers undeniably high capacities on the tip. All of this is possible thanks to the great stability of the cranes and the sturdiness of the hydraulic booms built using special steel such as STRENX.

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Outdoors and Off-Road

BGLIFT cranes move with agility inside buildings and on rough terrain (the RT version of CWE 525 increases the off-road manoeuvrability for even more demanding customers). The outriggers with a crossed beam system and their unrivalled torsional stiffnessare also ideal for road maintenance and handling, and construction in the country or mountains.

The outrigging cylinders offer great stability and safety on steep or rough terrain. With the use of the basket, it is possible to perform work on street lights, advertising billboards, trees and terraces, facades and roofs.

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Cultural Heritage

The millimetric manoeuvrability and precision of BG LIFT cranes guarantee absolute safety in handling delicate objects such as medium-large works of art which need to be transferred in and out of museums and buildings with meticulous care.

Maintenance and handling in churches and historical centres is not a challenge for our machines, which are able to operate in the tightest spaces and able to perform the most delicate operations in full safety.

The BG LIFT range guarantees absolute quality and rapidity in performing delicate operations.

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Maritime Sector

Small in size, agile and light, BG LIFT cranes are also the ideal solution in ports, shipyards and on ships, where they are successfully used in carrying out both normal and special lifting and maintenance, movements and logistics – also thanks to the specific qualities of their small-radius performance with heavy and bulky loads.

BG LIFT’s broad range offers all possible solutions for sector operators.

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