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BG LIFT: the "compact crawler crane" division of Brennero Gru

The simultaneous lifting approach
With Brennero Gru’s 30 years of experience, the BG LIFT brand was established in 2014 as a start-up project based on long-standing fundamental engineering and strategic knowledge.

From the very onset the mission has been to offer distinctive and solution-providing tools that are easy to use and pleasing to the eye. However, design and technological innovation only represent the “tip of the iceberg” comprised mostly of complex systems that are perfectly compatible with international standards on safety and protection in the workplace.

The performance of the entire range of BG LIFT compact cranes in terms of accessibility is extraordinary, as they are designed to fulfil the very latest work and lifting requirements, such as access to historical buildings and thecentre of congested modern cities.

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BGLift Experience


You have to try it to believe it. Only BG LIFT crawler cranes are able to offer certain performance levels. Discover how advantageous it is to have such advanced lifting solutions. Many issues will be resolved regardless, while more complex ones will be far easier to deal with…

The BG LIFT production approach in 3 steps

Each Crane and all the technology installed are accurately designed by the Engineering Team based on experience and actual work needs.
A production strategy that has always satisfied and astonished our customers.
BG LIFT cranes can be customized with many optional extras according to work requirements.

Innovative design

Based on simultaneous operational lifting, transport and accessibility requirements.

Operational work tests

The efficiency and safety of each machine and every technological support is accurately tested.

Custom production

When you order a BG LIFT crane, it can be customised based on customer requirements.

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A brand leader in the sector

“Simple answers to complex lifting requests”

The BG LIFT engineering team turns issues in terms of lifting, accessibility and transport into simple and efficient solutions.
It is no coincidence that BG LIFT has rapidly become standard-setting “on a global level” in the compact crawler crane sector.

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