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CWE 525, the first of italian compact crane. 5 W of BG Lift

In a market with ever buzz increasing it is right trying to do a little bit of order. We have seen how the compact crane can be used to solve complex lifting problems. But, in front of the most suitable crane’s choice, one model worth the other? Although produced by the same company, each of the light mini crane plated BG Lift are born from an idea that makes the machine in question unique. Safety, compactness, ductility. Each of the cranes marketed excels in its field and to find out what we rely on an almost journalistic system analyzing what, who, where, when, how and the why of every BG Lift crane. Let’s go down in detail and discover today the 5 W of one of our favorite models, excellence between superlight mini cranes.

The first of the first, here’s the Thing. The CWE 525 is the first-born among compact crane in its class and is still one of the most reliable models on the market. in fact is not an emotional bond that we believe so much in this machine, but for his ability to represent the beginning of a generation, summarizing all the qualities required: symbolizes the solid foundation on which we built our project.

Why conceiving the first compact crane in the history of BG Lift? For our designers it came to follow their passion and the results, now, give reason to their work. To improve we must look to the most unexplored areas of the market. The industry asked for a new kind of crane, able to operate inside and outside of buildings; CWE 525 model was our way to answer.

A few years later, we can proudly claim to have embarked on a path that goes far away. The credit is also the Where this machine can intervene. No other compact crane gave a practical demonstration of so much power and lift capacity. We have seen the crane CWE 525 intervene through the narrow streets of Asolo, where no machine were successful, and we looked shine in the sailboats garaging during the GC32 Racing Tour in Riva del Garda, where it was easy to deface. All because of its compact nature: the hydraulic jib is completely folded without sticking out from the machine frame and you can stabilize it in infinite positions with proportional adjustment of its performance.