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The choice of Aros. Three compact mini cranes for an European success

Only facing the possibility of a big win, we are willing to bet a lot. The chance to get something unique within its market has not escaped the Swedish company Aros mobilkrane AB, a major European player in the world of specialized transport and cargo handling. Although the sector has been saturated with crane offers excellent and technically valid, Aros has decided to invest in the excellence of the compact mini cranes plated BG Lift.

A choice made with foresight and with great awareness: because Aros focused not on a single machine, but the entire fleet. The Swedish company, in fact, has at its disposal from the beginning of this year the CWE 525 model, M250 and M060. A great investment that smells of newness and growth for both sides. Rely on three mini compact crane means having big plans for the future and denotes a high standard of quality, a feature that only the most expert realities have.

The choice of these three models is absolutely not random. On the one side the impressive reliability and safety of the CWE 525, a crawler which has been a huge success in the Italian lifting action and which has shown more than once to be worthy of any expectations. The other, the exciting versatility of the compact mini crane M250, a real success story of Italian engineering for its unique features. Finally the unmissable capabilities of theM060 model, the Pick and Carry crane that could not miss in the Aros fleet.

An understanding that can only fill us with pride. Until two years ago Brennero Gru was a company that relied on its excellent sector knowledge for fit out cranes, acquired from third parties, on trucks; today, also thanks to the creation of the BG Lift Brand, we are faced with a company, able to study and design at first hand excellent compact mini crane, which claims it place as the great promise on the European scene.

To know and understand the reason that has pushed Aros to choose the BG Lift Crane, don’t hesitate to ask for advice. The models that we have designed and created and that we are still designing have the only purpose to be Simple Answers to Complex Lifting Request